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About me

Hello, welcome to my web site. My name is Wade Brainerd and I'm a software programmer who lives in South Portland, Maine.

I'm married to Jennie Hahn and recently became father to Simon Lamson Brainerd (currently 18 months and toddling).

My employer is a developer and publisher of video games named Activision based in Santa Monica, California. I'm 32 years old, and I've been working in the industry since I was 17.

I was born in Blue Hill, Maine and grew up in Orono, home to the University of Maine. I graduated from Orono High School class of 1996, but didn't go to college (yet).

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Current Software Projects

SIGGRAPH 2014 - Tessellation in Call of Duty: Ghosts · Presented as part of Advances in Real Time Rendering, a description of two types of hardware tessellation used in Call of Duty: Ghosts.
WebGL SubD · A tiny implementation of Catmull Clark Subdivision Surfaces in WebGL, using three.js. Requires Google Chrome or another WebGL compatible browser.
Typing Turtle · A fun typing tutor with a turtle mascot drawn by my wife, Jennie Hahn. Includes step by step lessons, a lesson editor, and a game (more on the way).
Finance · A simple financial calculator designed for children, which focuses on record keeping and budgeting.
Bounce · A 3D pong game for the One Laptop Per Child XO-1.
Colors · A simple natural media painting program based on the homebrew DS game of the same name.
CueCard · A free, full featured flash card program for Windows. It pains me to call this current, as there are a number of outstanding bugs.
Ancient Software Projects

VTBSim · A free educational tool for learning about schematics including electrical, mechanical and fluid dynamics. I helped Christian Diefenbach with this for his Masters Thesis.
Zamkoffs Balls · A Katamari Damacy style game I wrote (and did the art for) in July 2004. Source Code
SeaTrek · A ball game designed by the 4th and 5th students at Canfield Elementary School. Art by James Chao.
Jennie's Othello · A simple implementation of the classic board game. Offers a computer opponent with difficulty levels, or human vs. human on one computer.
Jennie's Mancala · Another classic board game implementation. Source Code
GameTune · A little dynamic GUI generator for graphics demos. Makes it easy to add sliders, checkboxes, buttons, etc without any real programming. It's also good for tacking a GUI on a command line application. I'd love to resurrect this someday.
EQWindow · A graphics hack I wrote for the game EverQuest. They have since added this feature to the game, so it's just here for historical reasons :)
3d Pong · My three dimensional Pong game for the Palm Pilot.
wCal · A calendar program like the one built into the Windows task bar, but more useful.
Other Projects

devKit · I run an occasional programming workshop for High School students in the Portland, Maine area.
Writing post · An article I wrote back in 1997 on breaking into the game industry.
CGDC '98 Paper · The paper from a graphics programming talk I gave at the Computer Game Developers Conference in Long Beach, CA way back in 1998. The subject is "True Color Graphics Programming in High Resolution", and was intended as an introduction for programmers used to programming 320x200 8bit VGA.
APIHijack · An article describing how to replace Win32 API calls with your own functions, with an emphasis on DirectX. I used it in my own EverQuest and PlanetSide hacks. It's been used by others in Counter-Strike hacks, as well as DirectX debugging tools. An example is available here.
Personal Links

Contact · Various ways to contact me, if you need to.
Resume · My out of date resume.
Open Waters Theatre Arts · The Portland area theatre company founded by my wife, Jennie Hahn.
Twin Oaks · My camp on Swan Lake in Maine.
Rowan Tree Farm B&B · A lovely bed & breakfast on Seven Tree Pond. Owned and operated by my parents, Roger and Laura Brainerd.
Artisan Boatworks · My older brother Alec's custom wooden boat building business.
Games · Video games I helped write (out of date).