Welcome to the wCal home page. wCal is a simple calendar program, a little like the one built into the Windows taskbar but more useful.

I wrote it because I was tired of calendar programs that assume all of your scheduling happens in the middle of the month, that is to say they only let you view a single month at a time. wCal has a scrolling month view, along with some cool navigation features.



6/8/2003 - Initial release!


The main view starts out with the current date highlighted in red. As you move the mouse around, the day under the cursor is highlighted in green and its name is displayed at the bottom of the window.

Click the left mouse button on a date to select it. Shift-click a second date to select a date range, the dates are displayed at the bottom. Right clicking anywhere clears the selection. Press C on the keyboard to copy the selected dates to the clipboard.

The month bar at the top is used to quickly navigate within the current year. The arrows on the ends of the month bar advance and retreat by one year.

Keyboard Controls:

Home - Focus on today's date.
Arrow Keys/PageUp/PageDown - Scroll the month view.
J/F/M/A/M/S/O/N/D - Cycle through months beginning with the letter, in the current year.
G - Type in a date to jump to (e.g. "March 2007").
C - Copy the selected date or date range to the clipboard as text.
T - Make wCal remain on top of other windows even when not active.


wCal v1.0 for Windows Installer

Source Code

wCal was written using the free wxWindows library, and compiles for Mac, GTK, Win32, and probably many other platforms. If I haven't provided an installer for your platform above, please give the source code a try.

The source code is free, do whatever you want with it. If you make an improvement, please send it to me to be incorporated into the official version.

wCal v1.0 Source Code

Built with wxWindows

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